Dota 2 players

Dota 2 players

Dota 2 is not just a game but also an esports discipline. The Dota 2 players count is enormous, both professional and amateur. The total number of players registered in the game is 11 million. The average Dota 2 player's age is about 23 years. The most exciting thing is that the best top Dota 2 players whose solo MMR rating is high enough can be invited to a professional team. Dota 2 players' stats have to be good as well. There are many such examples in esports Dota 2. The most revealing are Topias «Topson» Taavitsainen, Ilyas «Kingslayer» Ganeev, and Yegor «Nightfall» Grigorenko.

Dota 2 player rankings

Top Dota 2 players can be found on various resources. It is worth clarifying right away that such a concept as «the best player in Dota 2» is not correct since, in Dota 2, a player can perform various functions. Therefore, each position may have its own best Dota player.

Top-ranked players Dota 2 of all time (pro):

  1. Kuro «KuroKy» Salehi Takhasomi
  2. Clement «Puppey» Ivanov
  3. Amer «Miracle-» al-Barkawi
  4. Peter «ppd» Daguerre
  5. Gustav «s4» Magnusson
  6. Johan «N0tail» Sundstein
  7. Clinton «Fear» Loomis
  8. Alexey «Solo» Berezin
  9. Arthur «Arteezy» Babaev
  10. Danil «Dendi» Ishutin

The history of the pro-Dota players is well known to all Dota fans. This list of famous Dota 2 players is endless.

Also, there are notable female Dota players like:

  1. Jorien «Sheever» van der Heijden
  2. Mary «Merry» Rose Mindajao
  3. Gunn «Bububu» Kristin

Dota 2 players by country

There are six regions in power rankings: Europe. China. Southeast Asia. CIS. North America. South America. It's no secret that professional Dota 2 players make a lot of money. The better the esports players play, and the more active Dota 2 players are in tournaments like Major or The International, the more they will earn. In addition to the salary, the players also receive a part of the won tournament prize pool. The richest and best Dota 2 player in the world is the legendary Johan «N0tail» Sundstein. His fortune is estimated at $ 6,940,222.80.

Dota 2 player ratings by earned prize money:

  • Johan «N0tail» Sundstein $ 6,960,447.
  • Jesse «JerAx» Vainikka $ 6,470,644.
  • Anathan «ana» Fam $ 6,003,194.
  • Sebastian «Ceb» Debs $ 5,561,412.
  • Topias «Topson» Taavitsainen $ 5,478,112.
  • Kuro «KuroKy» Salehi Takhasomi $ 5,200,716.
  • Amer «Miracle-» el-Barkawi $ 4,793,035.
  • Ivan «MinD_ContRoL» Ivanov $ 4,581,261.
  • Maroon «GH» Merhei $ 4,187,544.
  • Lasse «Matumbaman» Urpilainen $ 3,773,278.

All Dota 2 players

Not only Dota 2 pro players but also amateurs want to achieve the highest MMR rating. MMR is the statistics of Dota 2 players. For each victory in a match over an opponent in competitive mode, the winning team receives MMR points. It takes a long time to achieve at least the top 100 rating among all players. Sometimes it takes years. To achieve a high rating, the player must know his position and the hero on which he is playing, the subtleties, and the game mechanics.

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