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Dust 2 is an icon map for fans of Counter-Strike

More popular than the Dust II map can only be the same, but in an updated form in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In CS GO, the Dust 2 map has a new design. Textures, objects and the external environment were worked out. But the overall game pattern has not changed. The location remains the same, albeit … Continue reading Dust 2 is an icon map for fans of Counter-Strike

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Avada Kedavra
13 April
12 : 48
How to reduce net_graph, and why do it?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a lot of customization options. Many beginners and even some professionals are interested in reducing the net graph so that it does not take up half the screen and does not interfere with using the necessary millimeters for shooting. Each player can change the size of the indicator and its place … Continue reading How to reduce net_graph, and why do it?

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Avada Kedavra
12 April
12 : 16
How to cancel a Dota Plus subscription for users?

Esports fans are well aware of the possibilities of add-ons for the game. For example, the Dota Plus subscription is very popular among users. Thanks to her, gamers can: – Easy to navigate in the process of searching for characters. Tips are displayed on the screen, having received which, it is easier to choose the … Continue reading How to cancel a Dota Plus subscription for users?

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Avada Kedavra
23 February
11 : 43
How to last hit your creeps, and why do you need it?

There are many different terms and actions in Dota 2 that seem outlandish at first. One of these puzzles is how to last hit your creeps and why do it? During training, each player must understand the primary rule of Dota 2: money can be obtained only after the complete destruction of the opponent. It … Continue reading How to last hit your creeps, and why do you need it?

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Avada Kedavra
21 February
12 : 05
Dota 2 MMR Boost – how to become a pro but not spend your whole life?

Many players upgrade their Dota 2 MMR using different methods. Everyone tries to act honestly, occasionally resorting to donations – buying items and power-ups for real money. Dota 2 boost refers to the legal rank gain for winning an increased amount. This is an excellent option for improving results quickly, which cannot be said about … Continue reading Dota 2 MMR Boost – how to become a pro but not spend your whole life?

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Avada Kedavra
17 February
11 : 59
Roshan Dota 2 – who is he and how can be useful

In Dota 2, Roshan is one of the essential neutral creeps. If you kill him, you can get many experience, gold, and valuable resources. But the hero is powerful. It is challenging to cope with him alone. Next is the material that tells who Roshan is, where to find him, defeat him, and what items … Continue reading Roshan Dota 2 – who is he and how can be useful

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Avada Kedavra
15 February
12 : 45
How to fly in CS:GO: practical tips for players

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a free flight feature that allows players to explore map features, look for bugs, look for interesting places for sniper ambushes and other tactics, or record video. But not everyone knows how to fly through walls in CS: GO because there is no such option in the public settings menus of … Continue reading How to fly in CS:GO: practical tips for players

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Avada Kedavra
10 February
13 : 03
How to predict victory in Dota 2

Despite the fact that Dota is already an exciting esports discipline, it can be made even more gambling entertainment thanks to the prediction of victory. For example, at the start of a match in Dota 2 in the game chat, you can often see that one of the players predicted his future victory. Dota 2 … Continue reading How to predict victory in Dota 2

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Avada Kedavra
8 February
12 : 55
Dota 2 and bonus hero

This article will talk about what a Dota 2 bonus hero is. The most popular questions on the topic: What character pool does the bonus hero option imply? Bonus hero is selected from 10 options What bonus items come with it? Two free mangoes How to get a random hero? Using the Random Hero Button … Continue reading Dota 2 and bonus hero

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Avada Kedavra
4 February
12 : 46
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Dota 2 Livescore

Dota 2 is a multiplayer team-tactical MOBA game. Dota 2 gained its popularity back in 2012, even at the early access stage. After the official release in July 2013, tens of thousands of people began to compete with each other. Two teams of five people in each team must destroy the enemy's Ancient. Due to the fact that the game is competitive, players immediately began to gather in teams, which started to be signed by sponsors. Media personalities started to show streams of Dota 2. Spectators are happy to watch all the events related to Dota 2. Dota 2 tournaments and championships have become the largest in terms of organization and prize money. Not a single eSports discipline can surpass Dota 2 in terms of the total amount of prize money so far.

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Dota 2 live: where to watch live stream allows the user to find out the score faster than any Dota 2 stream will show. If the pick and ban phase is still underway, you can see its result already. This is especially convenient for those who like to place bets since the faster you get information, the more chances you have to catch some good odds. More than 20 Dota 2 live matches per day, a variety of Dota 2 online tournaments. Tired of watching tier 1 teams? Want to watch the rising stars of competitive Dota 2? You can find these games and tournaments on You can always have a good evening watching online Dota 2 matches on our website.

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