Why CS GO lagging and what to do when this problem occurs

Thousands of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are faced with a situation where the game lags or freezes. Lags and freezes in CS: GO are very unpleasant. But the problem can be solved! Read further in this article about why lags can be observed and what necessary actions and setting configurations can be done. Let’s figure out why the CS GO lags and what to do about it.

Possible reasons why the CS GO lags when you have a powerful computer

Naturally, a weak computer is not suitable for playing CS: GO. PC should meet certain minimum system requirements. How to remove lags when an insufficient level of technology? May need an upgrade:

  • Processor
  • GPU
  • RAM
  • Operating system

Why does CS: GO lag after updating Windows and having enough free hard disk space? One of the reasons may be a large Ping. “Ping” is when a packet of information passes from the computer to the game server and back. Its value is determined:

  • ● server performance;
  • ● the remoteness of the server;
  • ● channel load;
  • ● network bandwidth.

Why does the CS GO lag, although the ping is small? In addition to problems with the Internet connection, operating system, and drivers, the reasons can be:

  • ● Sagging FPS. FPS is the number of frames (images) per second. When the low value of FPS, the game lags.
  • ● Impact of antivirus or firewall software.
  • ● Incorrect action of add-ons downloaded from unofficial servers CS: GO. Possible manifestations – the main config gets lost, the radar disappears, and the mouse changes sensitivity lags when firing.
  • ● Overheating of the processor or video card.
  • ● Problems with the hard drive, drivers, or operating system.
  • ● Open applications.
  • ● Errors on the CS: GO server.
  • ● Incorrect game settings.

Mouse freezes in CS GO: possible causes

First, you should make sure that the mouse is working properly, the sensor is working, there is no dirt, when connected to another USB port, the lag does not disappear. If the mouse still lags in the CS: GO, the reasons may be:

  • ● A USB hub is being used.
  • ● Mouse acceleration is enabled.
  • ● Full-screen optimization mode is activated. In this case, CS GO lags on Windows 10.
  • ● A dedicated mouse driver has been installed.
  • ● USB power saving mode is enabled.
  • ● AMD Catalyst (ATI Catalyst) drivers are installed.
  • ● Raw input is disabled.

What to do if CS: GO is freezing on a computer?

Possible actions:

  • ● Reboot the network.
  • ● Configure the provider’s tariff plan.
  • ● Restart your computer.
  • ● Clean the system from unnecessary files, check for viruses,
  • defragment the disk.
  • ● Disable startup programs and unnecessary services.
  • ● Disable mouse acceleration.
  • ● Update the video card driver to the latest version.
  • ● Customize the graphics in the game. Set video settings to low.
  • ● Disable vertical sync (VSync function).

What if the CS GO lags anyway? You can also try:

  • ● Configure CS: GO launch parameters. For example, disable high priority.
  • ● Use console commands in the game.
  • ● Create a custom autoexec.cfg file.
  • ● Disable Core Parking.
  • ● Increase the paging file in Windows.
  • ● Enable multi-core rendering.
  • ● Tune the system for maximum performance.
  • ● Try to limit the FPS with the fps_max 120 (or even 60) command.
  • ● To prevent overheating of the processor or video card, periodically clean the computer from dust. If necessary, replace the thermal grease on the radiators.
  • ● Reinstall Windows.

If the sound lags in CS GO, you should also try to update the driver. You can also change audio settings – for example, instead of setting “Headphones with HRTF” set to “Headphones” or “2 speakers”. Another option is to clear the audio cache CS: GO.

The above measures will help you solve problems if there are delays in movement, shooting, or, for example, lags in the smoke of the CS GO. Good luck with the game!

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