CS:GO player – Christopher Alesund (GeT_RiGhT)

Christopher GeT_RiGhT Alesund is a famous Swedish pro gamer considered one of the best CS:GO players. He twice became the second in the world ranking of counter strikers (2010 and 2011) and the same number of times – the first (2013 and 2014). Name Christopher Alesund Date of birth 29.05.1990 Country Sweden Teams SK Gaming, … Continue reading CS:GO player – Christopher Alesund (GeT_RiGhT)

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30 December
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CS:GO player Andreas Højsleth (Xyp9x)

Andreas Xyp9x Højsleth is a Swedish CS:GO player and two-time Major Champion (2017 and 2018). Known for his skill in clutches, for which he received the nickname “clutch minister”. Name Andreas Højsleth Date of Birth 11.09.1995 Country Denmark Teams CPLAY, Fnatic, Team Dignitas, Astralis Role Rifler (support) Current team Astralis Disciplines CS 1.6, CS: GO … Continue reading CS:GO player Andreas Højsleth (Xyp9x)

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28 December
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CS:GO player – Aleksi Antti Kaarlo Virolainen (aleksib)

Aleksi Virolainen is a professional Finnish Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player known as aleksib. He currently plays for the OG team and is its captain. Aleksi Virolainen’s biography Aleksi Virolainen was born in Finland on March 30, 1997. The guy started his esports career with the classic CS 1.6. However, after releasing the CS: GO game, … Continue reading CS:GO player – Aleksi Antti Kaarlo Virolainen (aleksib)

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23 December
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CS:GO player – Elias Olkkonen (jamppi)

Elias Olkkonen is a well-known Finnish esports player. Starting in 2017, he made a splash, making his way into the world elite of CS: GO in a short time. His nickname jamppi became widely known after his flamboyant multi-kill AWP games. In early 2021, Elias was forced to leave the ENCE team and generally from … Continue reading CS:GO player – Elias Olkkonen (jamppi)

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21 December
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Dota 2 player Artyom «fng» Barshak

Artyom «fng» Barshak was born on September 24, 1995, in Belarus. A professional player in the discipline of DotA 2 began his career in 2012. Artyom «fng» Barshak in Dota 2 2012-2018 Artyom began his esportsman career with little-known non-professional teams. In 2012, together with DevilMice, he took part in the World Cyber ​​Games 2012 … Continue reading Dota 2 player Artyom «fng» Barshak

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17 December
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Dota 2 player Sebastian «Ceb» Debs

Sebastian «Ceb» Debs, also known as «7ckngMad», was born in France, May 11, 1992. Interesting fact: Today, he is the first and only French player to win The International. Sebastian «Ceb» Debs in Dota 2 2011-2017 A career in e-sports at Sebastian began back in 2011. He started his ascent right away with the discipline … Continue reading Dota 2 player Sebastian «Ceb» Debs

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15 December
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Player Nathan Schmitt (NBK) in CS: GO

NBK is a CS: GO pro gamer and twice a Major triumphant. The Frenchman’s reliability and stability have repeatedly been the main factor in his teams’ victories in various competitions, including two major events. Since 2013, he has regularly ranked among the top counter-strikers of the year. Name Nathan Schmitt Date of birth 05.06.1994 Country … Continue reading Player Nathan Schmitt (NBK) in CS: GO

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13 December
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CS:GO player Marcelo David, coldzera

Brazilian professional esportsman Marcelo Augusto David is known under the nicknames coldzera, cold, gelado. He is one of the most famous CS GO players, a two-time Major Champion. Marcelo David held the best in the world in HLTV technology from Valve during 2016-2017. He played for top South American and European teams. He is probably … Continue reading CS:GO player Marcelo David, coldzera

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8 December
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CS:GO Player Jacky “Jake” Yip aka Stewie2k in CS:GO

This American esportsman tried to play CS GO for the first time in 2014, but already in 2015, he started to play at a high level and gained a foothold in the SKDC team. Jake’s social media profile pictures may include the following nicknames: Stewie2k или просто Stewie; Jake; Stew-iwnl; Stew. For Stewie, CS: GO … Continue reading CS:GO Player Jacky “Jake” Yip aka Stewie2k in CS:GO

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7 December
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CS:GO player Olof Kajbjer Gustafsson AKA olofmeister

Olof Kajbjer Gustafsson is a Swedish esports player. He is also known as olofmeister (formerly olofm). This is one of the most famous pros in the entire history of CS: GO, who has many international tournaments on his account. He has such victories to his credit: 2 majors; 2 ESL Pro League tournaments; 3 championships … Continue reading CS:GO player Olof Kajbjer Gustafsson AKA olofmeister

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6 December
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