Teams LowLandLions and mCon esports will play on April 26th as part of the ESL Benelux Championship: Summer 2021 group stage

Tournament ESL Benelux Championship: Summer 2021 began on March 15th and will end on May 8th. The teams have already played six weeks in the group stage. The mCon esports team won four games and lost one, as a result, the team took first place in the group. The opponent, LowLandLions, won three games and lost two, which gave the team the opportunity to finish fifth in the group. Teams did not play against each other at this tournament, and this meeting will give mCon esports a chance to take first or second place in the group. In the most unfortunate circumstances, the team that loses may not make it to the Playoffs.

The prize pool of the tournament is $ 7,500.

On April 26, we will have an interesting meeting between teams LowLandLions and mCon esports. The start of the team match is scheduled for 23:00 Moscow time. Both teams entered the tournament through the Playoffs ESL Benelux Championship: Winter 2020.

Team Rosters

LowLandLions Line-up:

  • — Bernard
  • — blackie
  • — eneshan
  • — shield
  • — Q-Q

mCon esports Line-up:

  • — v1N
  • — MaximN
  • — G1DO
  • — kzealos
  • — Monu

The teams already played against each other three weeks ago at the Elite Series S1 Spring tournament, there mCon won with a score of 2-0.

The team’s win rate is calculated over the past 3 months: LowLandLions leads with a win rate of 66.70%, while mCon esports has 50%.

The favorite in this game is the LowLandLions team. Bookmakers give a more than 51% chance for a team to win. LowLandLions have an average win rate of 1.8, while mCon has 1.94.

For the last five meetings, the teams have the following results: LowLandLions – 4 wins, mCon – 2 wins.

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