Dota 2 microphone settings and troubleshooting sound problems

In Dota 2, teams participate using voice chat. Communication between players is essential. Therefore, it is required that the sound devices for everyone are functioning consistently and correctly. But sometimes, the user discovers that his microphone does not work in Dota 2. Why could this happen? How do I set up my audio hardware? We will try to find solutions to all sound and microphone issues in this article.

Why the microphone does not work in Dota 2: possible causes of the malfunction

If game partners have stopped hearing your voice normally, you may need to make settings in the game itself, in Steam, or the operating system. If you see a red crossed out microphone in Dota 2, the possible causes of the problem are:

  • Due to an oversight, the microphone is connected to the wrong connector on the sound card.
  • When using a USB microphone, there may be poor contact in the connector. Then Dota 2 does not see the microphone.
  • The microphone driver does not match.
  • Steam is also running on another computer (logged into the account simultaneously on different devices).
  • Incorrect microphone setting for Dota 2.
  • Windows sound enhancement is on.
  • The microphone is broken.

Troubleshooting methods

If there is no sound, the possible actions are as follows:

  • Plug the microphone into the pink jack on your sound card. If there is no color coding, the equipment manual must be read.
  • For a USB microphone, you can plug it into a different port.
  • If you still see a red microphone in Dota 2, reinstall or update your drivers.
  • Quit Steam on other devices. If you do not have access to another computer that uses your account, change your password. The other device will be disconnected.
  • Correctly configure the microphone in Dota 2 for voice chat. To do this, in the main Dota 2 menu in the upper left corner, click the gear. In the settings that will open, select the “Audio” section and set the speaker’s default values and audio device configuration. Here, activate the “Voice (Group)” item and install the Push to Talk hotkey. To prevent partners from complaining that your microphone is not working well, it is better to set the opening threshold to about 30%.
  • If the problem persists, you should turn off Windows Sound Enhancement. Open the section “Recording Devices” (“Input Devices”). Open the active microphone and click “Properties”. Uncheck the Voice Enhancement and Acoustic Echo Cancellation checkboxes. How do I turn on the microphone after these settings? Reboot your computer.
  • To troubleshoot the microphone, connect it to another device, preferably with the same OS.

And here’s how to set up a microphone in Dota 2 if your partners hear you, but the sound quality is poor:

  • If there is an echo, turn down the speakers’ volume, or better – turn them off. It is recommended to use headphones to communicate with other players.
  • If the sound is too quiet, the microphone setting is done by adding gain in the device’s system settings.
  • If there is interference or sound distortion, move the microphone away from your mouth a few centimeters, check the device’s cable serviceability and the Internet connection’s stability. How do I test my microphone if the problem persists? Check its performance in other applications. If distortion is observed everywhere, replace the microphone.

How to change the microphone in Steam: procedure

You need to:

  • Open Steam and log in.
  • Click on Friends and Chats.
  • Press the gear.
  • Open Voice Chats. In this section, you can test the microphone. After pressing the corresponding button, you will hear yourself.
  • To change the microphone, open the “Voice input device” section and select the list’s desired device.

How to set up a microphone in Dota 2 Reborn if you have problems? It would be best if you acted in the same way. After all, this game is the same Dota 2, transferred to a new engine.

By performing the steps described above, in turn, you can quite easily determine why the microphone in Dota 2 does not work, and you can troubleshoot.

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